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Project information

  • Category: Mobile Development
  • Client: TaxiAki
  • Project date: 1 January, 2023

Description of some features

This taxi booking mobile app allows users to book a ride from their smartphone or tablet. Users can enter their pickup location and destination, select the type of vehicle they require, and choose from a list of available drivers in their area. The app provides real-time updates on the driver's location and estimated time of arrival, and payment for the ride is typically done through the app.

Additional features of a taxi booking app may include the ability to pre-book rides, rate and review drivers, and track ride history and receipts. Overall, the app provides a convenient and reliable way for users to quickly and easily book a ride without the need to wait on the street or make a phone call to a taxi company. By connecting users with nearby drivers and providing real-time updates, the app helps users save time and easily navigate their way to their destination.